A juried exhibition of digital fine art

June 7 - July 31, 2003

Mesa Public Library Gallery, Los Alamos, NM, USA

Reception area

The Gallery

My contribution "On the Road"

My contribution "Solar Energy"


Guests ... and my wife Bee Zollo with my picture "Solar Energy"


Thomas Vorce with his picture "Best Symmetry" ... and he and Edna with my picture

David Douglas and his "Staircase" (photo: Brad Stoddard)


Brad Stoddard with his picture "Dream Winged Dance" ... and with my picture "On the Road"


Ursula Freer with her picture "Secret Garden" ... and her husband Neil and daughter (in red)

And a few photos of other artists and guests taken by Ursula Freer:

Hans and Bee with Jean Constant

Brad Stoddard and Rick Speed

Bruce Papier and Jean Constant

Bee and Hans with Neil Freer

Patrick and Barbara Carr and his picture
"Observing the Defects of Dirt". (photo: Brad Stoddard)

Bruce Shortz and Patrick Carr

Susan Chapman and Richard Lange

  If you can't make it to Los Alamos, you can visit
the entire show online - thanks to Susan Chapman - at
   Thank you for your support!