Exhibition at the Espace Franquin in Angouléme, France
8 - 21 August 2003


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Translation of the article which was published on July 31st, 2003, in Sonthofen, Germany

In the context of preparing for the exhibition, Ingrid K. visited the Halbe-Rahmen company in Kirchen in Siegerland, Germany. It was here that she got the original artworks mounted and framed with the patented Profi-System. The photo shows (from the left) Mr. Rau, Mrs. Gomez and Mr. Wisser, managing clerk of the company Halbe, as well as Ingrid Kamerbeek.   

Cultural Exchange

 Cyber artist Ingrid Kamerbeek starts European Tour

Sonthofen – On  August 5th it is off to Angouléme near Bordeaux at the Atlantic coast in France. There, in August, takes place the international Art-Exhibition “Art Digital 2003”. 

Angouléme is known as the world capital of comic. Every year in January the city hosts the International Comic Festival. It is here too where Asterix and Obelix were “born”.
For Ingrid Kamerbeek the “Art Digital 2003” is the beginning of her European Tour which leads her to Angouléme as well as Frankfurt, Vienna and. Budapest.
With her French artist colleague Bernard Dumaine she planned and organized the art show in France. The city of Angouléme offered its large and modern building for exhibitions and public functions, the “Espace Franquin” in the center of the city. Mayer Philippe Mattet as well as his cultural consultant will be present at the opening on August 8th to welcome the artists and to visit the show. Ingrid Kamerbeek will present him a letter of the city of Sonthofen by mayor Hubert Buhl. Planned is a cooperation of both cities on a cultural level.
Apart from
Bernard Dumaine and Ingrid Kamerbeek, other participating artists will be present at opening: Dr. Hans-Georg Türstig, who arrives from the USA; Tibor Kovacs-Egri from Hungary who will come from Budapest with his family; Zazi (Evi Möchel) and Uly Paya from Vienna. Besides these, other artists will be present with their images alone: Parys St. Martin from Australia, Shankar Barua from India, Regina Hobein from Germany, Dieter Grossmann from Germany, Galina Lukshina from the Ucraine and Dr. Rodney Chang Pygoya from the USA, who in the context of his own European Tour will visit Sonthofen together with Ingrid Kamerbeek on November 5th.
The exhibition in Angouléme will be especially exciting as the artists know each other only virtually through the Internet. In France they will meet for the first time face to face.

Detailed information about the exhibition can be found at www.artingrid.de


Photos of the opening in Angoulême on 8th August 2003:

The building from the outside

The artists who were present at the opening. Photo by Yann Barbaud.

From left: Hans-Georg Türstig (USA), Bernard Dumaine (France), Ingrid Kamerbeek (Germany), 
Evi Möchel aka Zazie (Austria), Uly Paya (Austria), and Tibor Kovacs-Egri (Hungary).

Also showing their art here are: Shankar Barua (India), Dr. Rodney Chang aka Pygoya (USA),
Dieter Grossmann (Germany), Regina Hobein (Germany), Galina Lukshina (Ukraine) and Parys St. Martin (Australia).

My six contributions, from left to right:

                                         Solar Energy, Labyrinth, God is God
                                                                                                         On the Road, Ecstatic Kali, Nude

Solar Energy (left) and Labyrinth (right)

Ingrid Kamerbeek being interviewed in front of one of her pictures

In the background the pictures by Dieter Grossmann

Contribution by Dieter Grossmann

One of the pictures by Parys St. Martin