13th Annual
Open Studio Art Tour
 May 15 - 16, 2004


Hans-Georg Türstig: Lamy Train, digital art,
24 x 18 inches

To create his evocative work, Türstig begins
with one of his digital photographs and
then manipulates the piece using different
software programs. "I want to make people
aware that what you see is just one tiny bit of
what is actually there," he said. "The reality
is much larger than our perception, and by
manipulating photos, especially if I keep
them to the point where you can recognize
the original photo, it's amazing how much
more there is to a picture or a visual experi-

ence than we usually think there is."

My picture "peer - amid" in the preview gallery.

peer amid
and try to find
what is behind
the elements
like air and water
earth and light
like day and night
a moment
frozen out of time

Below pictures of my studio:

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