Who are my clients? What do I offer them?

One of them is you - one of many hundreds who visit this website, my virtual gallery. Other clients visit my physical studio-gallery in Santa Fe or one of my shows elsewhere in the world. Some buy my digital fine art the way they see it, others order pictures in special, mostly larger sizes. And then there are clients who purchase my art in three other ways:

1. Companies or individuals order my "portraits of the digital kind" based on photos which I take or which are supplied by the client. For example, this image of "Tanka", a  very loveable dog.

2. Companies or individuals purchase the right to use an image for their own purposes. For example, the brochure cover of the non-profit organization HUMAN RESOURCES UNLIMITED (below right) which is based on my picture "The Path" (below left).

3. Companies or individuals order special artistic elements for their website. Here I offer to create three images based on original images of the client's work. The clients may then choose one picture as a background image for their website. All these pictures can be ordered as prints in various sizes. For example, KMS Technologies ordered and received the following three images for their website:

Cubic Energy Somewhere in the Galaxy Everywhere?

The company chose the middle one as a background image, and you can view the result   CLICK HERE 

Now it is up to you, what kind of client you want to be other than the highly appreciated visitor of my website. You can contact me at email~at~turstig.net . Thank you for your support.